The ET30 Induction Loop Kit is designed for user-friendly installation to walls, desks and counters. The front of the amplifier is printed with the AFILS logo, with text boxes to allow the name of the responsible person and their contact number to be written in.

Model:PET Portable Loop Amplifier
The Easy T PET Portable loop has been designed to cover all aspects of loop operation in places where a fixed wired loop is not practicable.


Model:ETCLIP Customer Service System
Stand alone using its internal microphone. External microphone socket. Easy grip paper clip. Current mode output. Plug top charger supplied. Compressor & noise limiter. True operation indicator. 1.5 metre loop field. Complies with IEC118-4 (BSEN60118-4).

Model:ET150, ET300 & ET450
The ET150, 300 & 450 form the professional range of Easy T series of audio frequency induction loop (AFILS) amplifiers and are designed to provide studio quality sound in an AFILS system.

The ST 120 Audio Frequency Induction Loop amplifier has been designed to specifically meet the requirements for monitored induction loops. The ST 120 is able to cover a square area of 120m 2, (11m a side) or a rectangular area up to 70m by 5m (350m 2) such as a platform or concourse.

The ETRX is designed to allow people without hearing aids to listen to the program material being broadcast by an induction (AFILS) loop amplifier.